Storm Drain Plus

Storm Drain Plus

Storm Drain Plus offers a complete, easy to install system, for the drainage of surface water for domestic applications.

Storm Drain Plus QUAD storm drain channel drainage storm drain sumps

Storm Drain Plus channels are available in 1 metre sections. They feature 3 vertical outlets for flexibility, as well as horizontal entry/outlet points which can be connected to either 100mm or 110mm pipes. The complete range of accessories combines to create a full, flexible system, with features for easy installation.

Storm Drain Plus is offered with Heelguard grates as standard, in a choice of black plastic or galvanised finishes. The grills conform to BS EN 1433: Class A15 and can withstand a 1.5 tonne loading. The system can therefore be installed in pedestrian areas, on sports pitches, at swimming pools, in walkways and where light vehicles may drive over.


  • End Cap – Allows you to securely seal the upstream end of a pipe
  • Jointing Clip – For the secure connection of two cut channels
  • End Outlet – To connect into a 100mm or 110mm pipe
  • Sump Unit – This product includes a silt basket and integral water trap to prevent odours. Available in black plastic or galvanised steel heelguard grates
  • Quad Connector – An easy corner or T-junction connector available in black plastic or galvanised steel


  • Heelguard grates as standard
  • Recycled and recyclable base material
  • Conforms to BS EN 1433 – Load Class A15
  • Labour saving quad connector
  • Sump unit with integral water trap to prevent odours
  • Improved male to female connections
  • Cross-braced design prevents floating
  • Lightweight polypropylene , with a high impact strength at hot and cold temperatures
  • Flow capacity: up to 4.5 l/s

Product Range

Product Code Description Length (m) Weight (Kg)
STDP1000 Channel with black plastic grate 1 2.08
STDP1000G Channel with galvanised grate 1 2.99
STDPQC Quad connector in black plastic 0.123 0.28
STDPQCG Quad connector in galvanised 0.123 0.45
STDPEC Secure end cap N/A 0.05
STDPEO/100 End outlet 100 mm N/A 0.08
STDPEO/110 End outlet 110 mm N/A 0.08
STDPSUMP Sump unit with silt basket and water trap with black plastic grate 0.33 (0.39 deep)
STDPSUMPGG Sump unit with silt basket and water trap with galvanised grate 0.33 (0.39 deep)
STDPLKIT Bracket with locking screws
CHANNELCLIP Jointing clip for the secure connection of two cut channels

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