Rubberlok Safety Mat

Rubberlok Safety Mat

red rubberlok safety mat
safety mat

Rubberlok Safety Mats come in square tile shapes, they can be plugged together edge to edge or glued down. Rubberlok Safety Mats are the perfect solution for childrens’ play areas, school yards, playgrounds etc as they offer effective protection when children jump or fall to the ground by absorbing some of the impact and therefore reducing the risk of injury.

They come in a range of colours & varying depths. Each depth corresponds to a critical fall height which is necessary to calculate when planning any kind of playground or child’s play area.

Rubberlok Mats come in a range of colours & sizes.

Max Fall       Thickness       Dimensions                                                   

0.8M              25mm         500x500mm

1M                 30mm         500x500mm

1.2M              40mm         500x500mm

1.5M              50mm         500x500mm

1.7M              60mm         500x500mm

2.1M              70mm         500x500mm