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Anthracite Grey Square Guttering
Anthracite Grey Square Guttering

White Round Gutter Freefoam
White Round Gutter

Black Round Gutter Freefoam
Black Round Gutter

Brown Round Gutter Freefoam
Brown Round Gutter

White Square Gutter Freefoam
White Square Gutter

Black Square Gutter Freefoam
Black Square Gutter

Brown Square Gutter Freefoam
Brown Square Gutter

White Ogee Gutter Freefoam
White Ogee Gutter

Anthracite Grey Deep Flow Gutter Freefoam
Anthracite Grey Round Gutter

We hold in stock White (Round, Square and Ogee).

Black (Round and Square).

Anthracite Grey (Round)

Brown (Round and Square).

Full range of  Pipe, Outlets, Angles, Unions, Shoes and Clips

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Full range of colours available from Freefoam Freeflow Gutters & Downpipes

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The Freeflow Guttering System is an innovative, high quality PVC-U rainwater system
The result of Freefoam’s culture of continuous innovation and investment in research and development, the range has been designed to ensure both reliable, leak-free performance and quick installation. In addition, it is compatible with other rainwater guttering systems with a range of adaptors.

Freeflow Guttering Systems come in a range of standard colours including white, black, brown and caramel designed to work together with fascia and soffit.

Get peace of mind with the Freefoam 50 year Lifetime Guarantee.

Register Freefoam roofline products that you’ve installed on your home.

Become a Freefoam Registered Installer and stand out from the crowd. Offer your clients the industry leading 50 year Lifetime Guarantee.

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ONE: Co-extruded to reduce main cause of leaks
Each Freeflow Guttering system is co-extruded with a white interior and a range of exterior colours – Freefoam’s new innovative solution to the problems associated with rapid heat absorption and expansion of gutters. While the interior will be exposed to sunlight as normal, its absorption of heat from the sun and subsequent expansion along its width and length will be significantly reduced, thus dramatically decreasing the probability of any associated problems.

TWO: Long-life advanced compressible seals for water-tight joints
All Freeflow gutter accessories are manufactured with our advanced long-life compressible seals which results in flexible water-tight joints when lengths of guttering are connected together. The seals also allow the gutters to move without making a noise and without creating the gaps which cause leaks.

THREE: 50 Year Lifetime Guarantee provides customers with significant competitive advantage
A 50 Year Lifetime Guarantee is available on all registered white Freeflow installations, while a 10 year guarantee is available on all other colours. Customers not availing of the online registration system to obtain a certificate will qualify for the standard 20 year guarantee on all white products. All guarantees are subject to terms and conditions (see for details).

FOUR: Protective Film on all gutters and downpipes to avoid scratches
All Freeflow guttering and downpipes come covered with protective film so they can survive knocks in transit and can be installed without scratches.

FIVE: Environmentally sustainable system
Freeflow guttering systems are manufactured using a combination of recycled and virgin materials to minimise environmental impact and optimise product performance. Recycled content varies, however it is typically up to 85%. All recycled material used is 100% lead free Freefoam material

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