Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms

Composite Garden Room

Composite Wood Garden Rooms feature highly insulated walls and a warm weatherproof roof for year-round protection from the elements. Designed as a self-contained building to use all year round, Composite Wood Garden Rooms can be ordered complete with lighting, heating and electrics.

With a range of styles, 4 different wall colours and a big choice of windows and doors we will help you design the Garden Room of your dreams.

garden rooms colours

Our Garden Rooms are made with recycled Composite Wood walls with a core of insulation to keep your space warm and energy efficient. Like all Composite Wood products, our Garden Rooms are low maintenance and will endure the test of time without having to paint, stain or seal it.

Garden room information

Composite Wood Garden Room walls are made from 60% recycled wood and 40% polymers from recycled plastic including bottles and packaging.

This creates a durable composite product which will withstand everyday use and is protected from the British Weather. Composite Wood is extremely low maintenance, so no repainting or staining is needed. Once your Composite Wood garden room or office has been installed, its ready to use to chill, work or play.

Use all year round

The fully insulated walling and roof regulates the temperature whatever time of year, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Choose from 5 size options

Our Composite Wood Modular Garden Rooms are ready to order in four colour options in any of these sizes:

3316mm x 2316mm

3316mm x 3316mm

4862mm x2316mm

4862 x 3316mm

6408mm x 3316mm

More people are choosing to work from home so they can be flexible with their time and to avoid the daily commute. Finding a space to concentrate away from the distractions of the house can be difficult though. A garden office is one of the most practical ways to create a dedicated space for working from home. It lets you have a personal space all to yourself to help you concentrate.

Do I need planning permission for a Composite Wood Garden Room

In most cases you will not need planning permission to erect a garden room – if the eaves height is under 2.5 and it doesn’t project beyond the front wall of your house. In general, adding a stand-alone, single storey garden room to the rear or side garden is usually allowed under Permitted Development. However, we recommend that you check the Government’s Planning Portal online before starting any work on a garden room to ensure you comply with the rules. The planning portal refers to garden rooms as outbuildings.