Fascia & Soffits



Anthracite Grey roofline Fascia soffit
Anthracite Grey

Rosewood Woodgrain Roofline Fascia Soffit
Rosewood Woodgrain
Black roofline Fascia soffit

Anthracite Grey Woodgrain roofline Fascia soffit
Anthracite Grey Woodgrain
White roofline Fascia soffit

Black Woodgrain Roofline Fascia Soffit
Black Woodgrain

Light Oak Woodgrain roofline fascia soffits
Light Oak Woodgrain


A comprehensive range of fascia manufactured to last.

  • Available in two styles and in stock: Plain and Ogee in a wide range of widths
  • Fascia available 10mm Reveal Liner in a full range of sizes.
  • 18mm Full Replacement Fascia Boards available and in stock in 175mm and 250mm
  • A wide range of colours featuring Freefoam patented Colormax® technology
  • Woodgrain finishes produced using marketing leading Renolit Exofol with built in Solar Shield Technology

We offer a wide range of Freefoam fascia in a choice of styles, sizes and colours to suit any building design and to improve the appearance of any facade.

All fascia systems come complete with matching corners, joiners and end caps, and a selection of roofline accessories to add that finishing touch to any property.

3 popular decor mouldings (ogee, plain-open and plain-closed), we also offer 2 new scalloped decorative fascias in convex and concave styles for quick, easy and stylish Freefoam combines style and substance with a comprehensive range of PVC building products for roofline, rainwater, and external cladding.

Soffit and Hollow Soffit

A range of soffit, light to handle, easy to fit and designed to work with our fascia range.

  • Standard General Purpose Board
  • Pre Vented General Purpose Board and Double Vented General Purpose Board
  • Hollow Soffit
  • Range of matching fitting trims and accessories.

Leak-free, fully integrated system Ultra-low maintenance

50 year transferable guarantee on white

10 year transferable guarantee on colour and woodgrain



Standard Range Woodgrain Range

The innovative Colourmax technology is unique to Freefoam

Using a proprietary formulation that contains a unique selection of stabilisers and pigments specially chosen for their high colourfast properties, the Colourmax technology means Freefoam can confidently offer a wide range of colours.

All PVC products have some protection against harmful UltraViolet (UV) rays from the sun. But stronger UV rays – thanks to climate change and damage to our ozone layer – can cause building materials to age faster, just as your skin reacts to stronger sun. Freefoam products are manufactured with extra Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), the natural mineral used in sunblock, for more protection so they last and look good for longer.

Freefoam’s roofline range is made in two parts: a strong PVC-UE foam ‘core’ is protected with a top coating of rigid PVC-U, giving a smooth, strong, hard-wearing skin. Resistant to acids, alkalis and other air pollution, it will not warp, crack, discolour or blister. We’re so confident we offer an extended 50 year guarantee – more than twice the average offered by other roofline and rainwater products Freefoam is the colour specialist. We’ve developed our own, patented technology – Colormax – to produce a wide range of ultra-long life colours so you can make your home your own. Our colour products use special pigments that reflect the sun’s harmful UV rays, so they stay true. We’re so confident in our coloured products that we guarantee them, even the strong shades, to stay true for 10 years.

Get peace of mind with the Freefoam 50 year Lifetime Guarantee.

Register Freefoam roofline products that you’ve installed on your home.

Become a Freefoam Registered Installer and stand out from the crowd. Offer your clients the industry leading 50 year Lifetime Guarantee.

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Freefoam products are 100% lead free; we mean complete product, not just the skin.